The book - Byale mayn shtetl - or in English "Biala, my town" was created as an attempt to give memory to the Jews of Biala, after which, as we know, not much trace remained. These are contemporary photographs depicting the "Jewish town" from my perspective. I was guided by history and knowledge about Judaism, but above all by my own heart.

This is the first edition, but I hope that in a few years another, maybe even an exhibition will be created.
The book consists of only 7 copies and has few pictures. The small circulation and number of photos refers to the small memory of the Jews from Biala.

Each copy contains descriptions in Polish and Yiddish as well as an insert with an English translation, copy number, serial number (production) of the book, as well as my signature.
Photographs were taken on medium format negatives.

I especially want to thank Ri J. Turner, Anna Szyba and Weronica Kordylas for technical assistance.

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